What has DHZ FITNESS done in the continuous upgrading of the industrial age?

Accumulate and grow

The first industrial revolution (Industry 1.0) took place in the United Kingdom. Industry 1.0 was driven by steam to promote mechanization; the second industrial revolution (Industry 2.0) was driven by electricity to promote mass production; the third industrial revolution (Industry 3.0) was driven by electronic information technology promotes automation; as a member of China’s industrial industry, DHZ Fitness has taken the lead in entering the era of Industry 3.0, and then we will enter DHZ in the era of 3.0 together.

01  Automation of blanking

The production of a fitness machine needs to go through the processes of blanking, machining, welding, spraying, and assembly. Nowadays, DHZ’s electronic numerical control automation technology has been popularized in various processes. DHZ’s automatic laser cutting, and blanking equipment are all the most advanced products produced in Japan.

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02  Machining automation

The popularization of CNC automation not only improves production efficiency, but also provides a solid guarantee for DHZ’s product quality, and the precision of machining automation can almost reach zero error.

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03  Welding automation

The key process that affects the service life of fitness equipment is welding, and the magic weapon to ensure the quality of the welding process is the popularization of fully automated robotic welding equipment.


04  Spraying automation

DHZ automatic spraying production line is composed of automatic rust removal, high temperature surface hardening treatment, computer precise color matching, programmed spraying, and other processes.

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Steady Progress

Since Germany proposed Industry 4.0 (that is, the fourth industrial revolution is also called intelligent industry). Subsequently, countries around the world paid close attention and began to decide one after another, striving for the right to speak in the manufacturing industry.

If divided according to the standard of German Industry 4.0, the industrial main body of China is still in the stage of “making up for 2.0, popularizing 3.0, and developing towards 4.0″. It took DHZ Fitness from 2.0 to 3.0 for a full 15 years. Regarding the “Made in China 2025″ strategic plan, DHZ’s attitude is that under the premise of attaching importance to “quality” and “strength”, we will continue to play steadily for another 15 years.

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Post time: Jun-16-2022