• Chest Press Y905Z

    Chest Press Y905Z

    The Discovery-R Series Chest Press uses a forward converging movement that effectively activates the pectoralis major, triceps, and anterior deltoid. The motion arms can be moved independently, not only ensuring a more balanced muscle exercise, but also supporting the user in individual training.

  • Wide Chest Press Y910Z

    Wide Chest Press Y910Z

    The Discovery-R Series Wide Chest Press strengthens the lower pectoralis through a forward converging movement while activating the pectoralis major, triceps, and anterior deltoid. Excellent biomechanical trajectory makes training more comfortable and effective. Balanced strength increase, support for single-arm training, both thanks to the variety training possibilities offered by the independent motion arms.

  • Incline Chest Press Y915Z

    Incline Chest Press Y915Z

    The Discovery-R Series Incline Chest Press is designed to better train the upper chest muscles. Excellent biomechanical standards and ergonomic design ensure training effectiveness and comfort. The motion arms can be moved independently, not only ensuring a more balanced muscle exercise, but also supporting the user in individual training.

  • Pull Down Y920Z

    Pull Down Y920Z

    The Discovery-R Series Pull Down provides a natural arc of motion and greater range, allowing users to effectively train the lats and biceps. The independently moving arms ensure balanced strength increase and allow for separate training. Excellent motion path design makes training smooth and comfortable.

  • Low Row Y925Z

    Low Row Y925Z

    The Discovery-R Series Low Row offers activation programs for multiple muscle groups, including the lats, biceps, rear delts, and traps. Dual-hold position handgrips involve training of different muscles. The independently motion arms ensure the balance of the training and supports the user to perform independent training. The central handle provides stability during single-arm training.

  • Row Y930Z

    Row Y930Z

    The Discovery-R Series Row is designed to activate the lats, biceps, rear deltoid, and trapezius muscles. Provides variety training with dual-grip handles. The independently motion arms guarantee the balanced strength increase and allows the user to train independently. The central handle is responsible for the stability of independent workouts.

  • Shoulder Press Y935Z

    Shoulder Press Y935Z

    The Discovery-R Series Shoulder Press provide the feel of free weight training, with an excellent biomechanical design ideal for strengthening delts, triceps and upper traps by replicating the overhead press. The independently motion arms guarantee the balanced strength increase and allow the user to train independently.

  • Rear Kick Y940Z

    Rear Kick Y940Z

    The Discovery-R Series Rear Kick replicates the rear kick movement with mechanically transmitted weight loads, which is an ideal choice for training glutes, hamstrings, and quads. The large footplates allow users to train in multiple positions, while the ergonomic pads provide reasonable stress distribution while stabilizing the torso.

  • Calf Y945Z

    Calf Y945Z

    The Discovery-R Series Calf is designed to effectively target the gastrocnemius and calf muscle groups. Provides the freedom and focus of free weight training while delivering accurate load without stressing the spine. The wide footplate allows the user’s training to vary with different foot positions.

  • Leg Extension Y960Z

    Leg Extension Y960Z

    The Discovery-R Series Leg Extension is designed to utilize the motion trajectory by isolating and fully engaging the quadriceps. The purely mechanical transmission structure ensures the accurate transmission of the load weight, and the ergonomically optimized seat and shin pads ensure training comfort.

  • Leg Press Y950Z

    Leg Press Y950Z

    The Discovery-R Series Leg Press is designed to replicate the leg extension movement in a closed kinetic chain, that is very effective for quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes activation and training. The wide foot platform allows users to switch training according to the foot position. The handgrips provide stability during exercise and is also a start-stop switch for the training.

  • Standing Leg Curl Y955Z

    Standing Leg Curl Y955Z

    The Discovery-R Series Standing Leg Curl replicates the same muscle pattern as the leg curl, and with ergonomically designed support, users can comfortably and effectively train the hamstrings. Adjustable footplates allow users of different sizes to be in the correct training position, and wide pads and handgrips allow for easy switching between left and right leg training.

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