• Recumbent Bike X9109

    Recumbent Bike X9109

    The open design of X9109 Recumbent Bike allows easy access from left or right, the wide handlebar and ergonomic seat and backrest are all designed for the user to ride comfortably. In addition to the basic monitoring data on the console, users can also adjust the resistance level through the quick selection button or manually button.

  • Upright Bike X9107

    Upright Bike X9107

    Among the many bikes in DHZ Cardio Series, the X9107 Upright Bike is the closest to the actual riding experience of users on the road. The three-in-one handlebar offers customers to select three riding modes: Standard, City, and Race. Users can choose their favorite way to effectively train the muscles of the legs and gluteal.

  • Spinning Bike X962

    Spinning Bike X962

    Benefit from flexible adjustable parts, users can enjoy the ease of use of this bike with simple handlebar and seat adjustments. Compared with traditional brake pads, it is more durable and has more uniform magnetic resistance. Simple and open design brings convenience to equipment maintenance and cleaning.

  • Spinning Bike X959

    Spinning Bike X959

    The housing cover is made of ABS plastic, which can prevent the frame from rusting caused by sweat. The ergonomic and padded seat shape provides high seat comfort. Rubber non-slip handle with multiple handle options and a double drink holder. The height and distance of the seat and handlebars are adjustable, and all foot cushions can be adjusted by thread

  • Spinning Bike X958

    Spinning Bike X958

    As one of the most popular products of DHZ Indoor Cycling Bike, its unique body frame design supports two different side covers according to your preference. Stainless steel components and ABS plastic body shell effectively prevent rust caused by sweat, which allows users to enjoy their training.

  • Spinning Bike X956

    Spinning Bike X956

    As the basic bike of the DHZ Indoor Cycling Bike, it follows the family-style design of this series and is specially designed for basic cycling training. Easy to move, ABS plastic shell effectively prevents the frame from rusting caused by sweat, may be the best solution for a cardio zone or a separate cycle room.

  • Indoor Cycling Bike S300A

    Indoor Cycling Bike S300A

    Excellent Indoor Cycling Bike. The design adopts an ergonomic handlebar with grip option, which can store two drinks bottles. The resistance system adopts an adjustable magnetic braking system. The height-adjustable handlebars and saddles adapt to users of different sizes, and the saddles are designed to be horizontally adjustable (with quick release device) to provide the best riding comfort. Double-sided pedal with toe holder and optional SPD adapter.

  • Indoor Cycling Bike S210

    Indoor Cycling Bike S210

    Simple ergonomic handle with multiple grip positions and included PAD holder. The ingenious body angle design simplifies the adjustment required for users of different sizes and adopts an efficient magnetic brake system. Frosted clear plastic side covers and front flywheel make the device easier to maintain, Double-sided pedal with toe holder and optional SPD adapter.

  • Upright Bike A5200

    Upright Bike A5200

    Upright Bike with LED display. The multi-position enlarged handle and multi-level adjustable seat provide an excellent biomechanical solution. Whether it is city cycling or racing sports, this device can accurately simulate for you and bring excellent sports experience to the practitioners. Basic information such as speed, calories, distance, and time will be accurately displayed on the console.

  • Recumbent Bike A5100

    Recumbent Bike A5100

    Recumbent Bike with LED console. The comfortable lying posture allows users to perform relaxed joint soft training, and the leather seat and back pads provide excellent comfort. No more than that, this device can also adjust the training strength and freely choose a constant speed or a different training plan. Basic information such as speed, calories, distance, and time will be accurately displayed on the console.