• Smith Combo Rack JN2063B

    Smith Combo Rack JN2063B

    The DHZ Smith Combo Rack offers strength trainers more options for weightlifting. The stable and reliable Smith system provides a fixed track to help practitioners pursue heavier weights while stabilizing their training posture. The free weight area on the other side allows experienced lifters to perform more flexible and targeted training, and the quick-release column provides convenience for switching between different exercises.

  • Abdominal Isolator E7073

    Abdominal Isolator E7073

    The Fusion Pro Series Abdominal Isolator is designed in a kneeling position. The advanced ergonomic pads not only help users maintain the correct training position, but also enhances the training experience of the exercisers. The unique split-type motion arms design of the Fusion Pro Series allows exercisers to strengthen the training of the weak side.

  • Vertical Row J3034

    Vertical Row J3034

    The Evost Series (General) Vertical Row has an adjustable chest pad and seat height and can provide a starting position according to the size of different users. The L-shaped design of the handle allows users to use both wide and narrow gripping methods for training, to better activate the corresponding muscle groups.

  • Vertical Press J3008

    Vertical Press J3008

    The Evost Series (General) Vertical Press has a comfortable and large multi-position grip, which increases the user’s training comfort and training variety. The power-assisted foot pad design replaces the traditional adjustable back pad, which can change the starting position of training according to the habits of different customers, and buffer at the end of training.

  • Triceps Extension J3028

    Triceps Extension J3028

    The Evost Series (General) Triceps Extension adopts a classic design to emphasize the biomechanics of triceps extension. To allow users to exercise their triceps comfortably and efficiently, the seat adjustment and tilt arm pads play a good role in positioning.

  • Shoulder Press J3006

    Shoulder Press J3006

    The Evost Series (General) Shoulder Press use a decline back pad with an adjustable seat to better stabilize the torso while adapting to users of different sizes. Simulate shoulder press to better realize shoulder biomechanics. The device is also equipped with comfortable handles with different positions, which increases the comfort of exercisers and the variety of exercises.

  • Seated Tricep Flat J3027

    Seated Tricep Flat J3027

    The Evost Series (General) Seated Triceps Flat, through the seat adjustment and integrated elbow arm pad, ensures that the exerciser’s arms are fixed in a correct training position, so that they can exercise their triceps with the highest efficiency and comfort. The structure design of the equipment is simple and practical, considering the ease-of-use and training effect.

  • Seated Leg Curl J3023

    Seated Leg Curl J3023

    The Evost Series (General) Seated Leg Curl is designed with adjustable calf pads and thigh pads with handles. The wide seat cushion is slightly inclined to correctly align the exerciser’s knees with the pivot point, helping customers find the correct exercise posture to ensure better muscle isolation and higher comfort.

  • Seated Dip J3026

    Seated Dip J3026

    The Evost Series (General) Seated Dip adopts a design for the triceps and pectoral muscle groups. The equipment realizes that while ensuring the safety of training, it replicates the movement path of the traditional push-up exercise performed on parallel bars and provides supported guided exercises. Help users better train corresponding muscle groups.

  • Rotary Torso J3018

    Rotary Torso J3018

    The Evost Series (General) Rotary Torso is a powerful and comfortable device that provides users with an effective way to strengthen the core and back muscles. The kneeling position design is adopted, which can stretch the hip flexors while reducing the pressure on the lower back as much as possible. The uniquely designed knee pads ensure the stability and comfort of use and provide protection for multi-posture training.

  • Pulldown J3035

    Pulldown J3035

    The Evost Series (General) Pulldown not only can it be used as a part of the serial modular core of a plug-in workstation or a multi-person station, but it is also can be used as an independent lat pull down device. The pulley on the Pulldown is located so that users can make the movement in front of the head smoothly. The thigh pad adjustment accommodates a wide variety of users, and the replaceable handle allows users to practice with different accessories.

  • Prone Leg Curl J3001

    Prone Leg Curl J3001

    The Evost Series (General) Prone Leg Curl uses a prone design to enhance the ease-of-use experience. The widened elbow pads and grips help users to better stabilize the torso, and the ankle roller pads can be adjusted according to different leg lengths and ensure stable and optimal resistance.

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