How massage guns work and whether it’s worth using?

A massage gun can help you relieve stress after a workout. As its head swings back and forth, the massage gun can quickly blast stress factors into the body's musculature. It can be highly focused on specific problem points. The back friction gun is used before extreme exercise to help warm up the muscles before exercise. It can help reduce muscle stress and separate those annoying muscles that seem to be waiting after a particular workout. Massage gun, who can help relieve sensitivity and tension with rocking, quick bursts of tension in muscle tissue. Like a foam roller, kneading helps focus on well-defined problem areas compared to other home options.

The principle of the Massage Gun is called , which achieves the effect by quickly applying pressure to the muscles, which is like traditional massage. 

More in-depth with two nouns:


The first is called the Golgi Tendon Organ

Golgi Tendon

A tree-like sensory ending enclosed in a spindle-like connective tissue capsule, that lies near the junction of a tendon with a muscle. It is a force receptor in our tendons, it senses a degree of our muscle changes and contractions, and then goes to protect itself, if it senses a significant muscle change, then to prevent damage to the tendon, it will give priority to Relax the muscles.





So, when we use the massage gun to relax the muscle part, when we give a physical stimulation to the Golgi tendon, it will activate this mechanism. When it feels the vibration, it tears from the periosteum to relax itself.


The second is called Fascial Adhesions

Fascial Adhesions

When we are impacting heavy weights, repeating a single action many times or the action remains unchanged for a long time, then our fascia may be stuck. What is the fascia? Simply put, it is what we see when we cut meat. A thin, hard-to-cut white film wrapped around the lean meat. The massage gun is very helpful for the release of the fascia.


A good massage gun will help you achieve these benefits from the comfort of your home and at the most favorable time, without the need for the luxury of regular spa management. It can yield comparative results with myofascial kneading devices such as foam rollers. Those who find the kneading roller clumsy or excessive manual interaction can use the massager for a smoother and computerized arrangement. The Massage gun can be used for short sessions between exercise sets to ensure your muscles always remain active and comfortable.

The Massage gun serves as an enhancement to standard injury repair measures, providing energy for the recovery and recovery of rotting muscles due to injury or disease. Improving the alignment of the muscle and fascia tissue helps the injured area get better adaptation and recovery in a short period of time. The Massage gun is impressive for speeding up recovery time and reducing muscle stress, which is especially valuable after a run or workout. They give us the most benefit when associated with skilled back massage treatments.

Post time: Jul-01-2022