DHZ FITNESS Signed The Exclusive Agency Of_Gym80 In China

DHZ signed gym80

Exclusive agent in China

On April 10, 2020, during this extraordinary period, the signing ceremony of the exclusive agency of DHZ and gym80, the first German fitness brand in China, was successfully reached through a special way of network authorization and signing. With immediate effect, the world-renowned gym80 fitness equipment from Germany will be spread all over China through DHZ sales channels.

DHZ Fitness Signed The Exclusive Agency Of_Gym80 In China`

About gym80
In Germany 40 years ago, there were four young people who loved fitness. They failed to find the right strength equipment. Relying on their love of fitness and the natural talent of German craftsmen, they began to manufacture fitness equipment by themselves. In the process of equipment, many fitness enthusiasts provided them with creativity and usage evaluation and suggestions for improvement, and gym80 was born.

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gym80 was founded in 1980 in the Ruhr area of Germany and is headquartered in Gelsenkirchen in the northern part of the Ruhr area. The original intention of gym80 has never been to pursue economic benefits, but purely to make training better, more fun and more efficient. To this day, their original intention has not changed, and it is fully reflected in each product. Excellent biomechanics, superb craftsmanship, and user-friendly design. Everything about gym80 today began in 1980, and since then, all of this has become part of the gym80 gene.

In the user satisfaction and service quality survey conducted by the well-known European fitness magazine body LIFE, gym80 won the Power Equipment Award (Credibility Award) for 15 consecutive times.

Gym80 won the Plus X Award for the most innovative brand (sports and fitness category). Other award-winning brands include Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Bosch, etc.


In 2017, under the general trend of global economic integration, the gym80, a famous fitness equipment made in Germany, has always been advertised, and it has also put aside its stance to look for ODM partners around the world. Through the recommendation of DHZ German partners, gym80 and DHZ have become the first In the second close contact, DHZ already had a certain reputation in the fitness equipment market in Germany and even Europe. As the big brother of the world's manufacturing industry, gym80 was still skeptical of DHZ and Chinese manufacturing. The drawing of the squat rack was handed to Mr. Zhou and asked: Can this be done? Mr. Zhou replied, this is a bit simple for us, we can do more difficult. Gym80 obviously doesn't trust this Chinese company that has been established for more than ten years, and said to Mr. Zhou: You do it first.

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Mr. Zhou obviously felt that gym80 still had a prejudice in understanding of Chinese manufacturing. After returning to China, Mr. Zhou put the drawing aside and sent an invitation to gym80. A 7-person delegation led by the CEO of gym80 soon Arrived in China, came to Ningjin DHZ factory, facing DHZ modern production workshop and world-class production and processing equipment, originally scheduled for half an hour to visit which extended to two hours, finally the leader of gym80 apologized to Mr. Zhou : " You did what we did, what we didn’t do, you did it all!" Then the full range of OEM processing orders for gym80 were handed over to Mr. Zhou.

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The gym80's most classic SYGNUM series full-body golden split seated rowing trainer, which was unveiled for the first time at the FIBO 2018 in Germany, has attracted much attention.

After participating in FIBO in Cologne, Germany in 2018, at the invitation of gym80, DHZ visited the factory in Gelsenkirchen's headquarters. Facing gym80, a modern factory that has reached the top of the world, manual operation and modern technology coexist harmoniously, benefiting DHZ The ultimate goal of manufacturing is not to be efficient and productive, but to produce soulful and thoughtful products, and this process is inseparable from primitive craftsman skills.

The manual ingredients in the gym80 factory are an indispensable part of the overall process and the soul of gym80 products.
Through the deepening of mutual understanding, gym80 fully recognizes the production and processing capabilities of DHZ. What makes gym80 even more impressive is the perfect closed-loop integration of production and sales created by DHZ. Facing DHZ's domestic market with complete sales channels and industry reputation, further cooperation Brewing and born.

Against the wind

In 2020, a pandemic swept the world. In the face of this global disaster, gym80 and DHZ moved against the wind, and the agreement reached before was not affected in the slightest. This is the special way for the network to authorize the signing of contracts during the special period on April 10.

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Going against the wind requires courage and self-confidence. This self-confidence stems from the combination of the concepts of gym80 and DHZ two excellent brands, and it is their unremitting pursuit of healthy communication.

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